Niels Solvesen Kjær

Utreist med/ Emigrated on: "S.S. Bowditch".

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Manitowoc Rapids township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin - 1846.

Niels Solvsen Kjær: He was born June 12, 1816 on the farm Kjær(10) by parents Solve Larsen Kjær, b. 1773 and  Anne Axelsdatter Grini, b. 1774.  Solve Larsen was the son of Lars Solvesen Kjær and Anne Larsdatter (married 1768), and Anne Axelsdatter was the daughter of Axel Nielsen Grini and Gunbiør Aslaksdatter (married 1772).

Niels Solvesen emigrated in 1846, and first settled in Manitowoc Rapids. They later moved on to Cato township, where he bought land in 1849. He married Marthe Katrine Svendsdatter ca. 1850.  She was born 1824.
They had 3 children:

Salve, born April 5, 1851.
Anne Maria Petrea, born Sept 15, 1854 and married to Louis Pedersen Venstøb around 1877. Louis was born Olaus Pedersen Oct 29, 1854 at Venstøp Nordre in Gjerpen by parents Peder Pedersen and Kari Olsdatter. He was a sailor in 1880 and 1900, ship carpenter in 1910 and was called captain in his obituary in 1918. They had the children: Martha Caspara, b. March 19, 1879 Chicago, Nora Luella, b. Jan 8, 1881, married June 30, 1904 in Manitowoc to Charles William Krug, Perl Evina, b. Febr 15, 1883, married Aug 26, 1908 in Manitowoc to Chas. William Seehase, Mabel Theodora, b. Nov 9, 1886, dead April 6, 1904.
Mathilde, born May 5, 1858 and married in Cato Febr 7, 1879 to Herman Hansen

Niels died January 20, 1892 and is buried in West Valders Lutheran Cemetery. Marthe Katrine dies March 11, 1912 and is buried in Manitowoc Cemetery.

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