Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Erin township, Washington Co, Wisconsin - 1847.

Aslak Monsen Hoppestad: He was born June 19, 1825 on the farm Hoppestad(1) nedre by parents Mons Monsen Hoppestad and Ingeborg Aslaksdatter. Ingeborg was born Jan 8, 1792 and father was Aslak Stulen. Look at Stulen(1) in Gjerpen. They had been married in 1822 (engaged March 29), when Mons was 28 and Ingeborg 30 years of age. Mons Monsen was born Oct 13, 1793 by parents Mons Clausen and Anne Abrahamsdatter, who had been married in 1783. Mons Clausen died in 1793..

In 1835 we find on Hoppestad Nedre two families:

Hoppestad Nedre, matr. No. 29
Claus Monsen, married, tenant, age 63
Anne Christiansdatter, married, age 74
Niels Rasmussen,married, age 37
Karen Clausdatter, married, age 30
Karen Jansdatter, servant, age 22
Pernille Nielsdatter, foster-child, age 7
Christian Christophersen, foster-child, age 12

Hoppestad Nedre, matr. No. 29
Mons Monsen, married, tenant, age 43
Ingeborg Aslaksdatter, married, age 44
Hans Monsen, age 12
Aslak Monsen, age 10
Peder Monsen, age 7
Anne Gurine Monsdatter, age 2
Maren Aslaksdatter, servant, age 22

Aslak married January 29, 1852 Anne Hansdatter Marker, who also emigrated in 1847.
They had at least four children:
Hans, born 1854 ?
Emline, born 1856?
Peter, born 1858?
Hanna, borm 1860?

Aslak died August 14, 1888, and is buried in the Ashippun Lutheran cemetery.

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