Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Merton township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin - 1847.

Karen Mathiasdatter Kolkind:  She was born ca 1804. She married Niels Michelsen, who was born on Ø. Haugerød øvre, May 6, 1804. His father was Michel Sigurdsen.

They settled on Kolkinmyr(4) under Follaug in Gjerpen and had 3 children.
a. Mathias, born January 6, 1837 on Kolkind u/Follaug.
b. Marianne, born Oct 5, 1839 on Kolkind u/Follaug.
c. Niels, born April 18, 1842 on Gulset.

In 1835 we find on Haugerød Østre:

Hougerød østre. Matr. no. 164.
Niels Michelsen, married., worker, age 31
Karen Mathisdatter, married., age 30

and in 1845 on the farm Kolkind:

Kolkindmyr, place no 4
Karen Mathiasdatter, cottager's wife, widow, age 40.
Mathis Nielsen, son, age 9.
Marie Anne Nielsdatter, daughter, age 6.
Niels Nielsen, son, age 3

          She emigrated from Gjerpen in May 1847 with her 3 younger children. She was known as Catharine Nelson in Merton, Wisconsin.

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